Looking for the perfect gift for the busy moms in your life? Show her how much you appreciate all her hard work and love with something special; whether for Christmas, Mother’s Day or “just ’cause!” We’re sure that any hardworking homemaker will adore any of the gift ideas off this list of 17 gifts for busy moms that have it all. 

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1. Leak Proof Infuser Bottle

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Why, yes, I’d love a little fruit salad with my water, thank you!

I jest, but, in all seriousness, this Leak Proof Infuser is “da bomb” (do people even still say that?)!

Two things I love about this water bottle: that it has a separate canister for the fruit and that it’s soooo easy to clean!

Try this with fresh slices of apple, lemon and a few mint leaves and it is just DIVINE! I drink this as a substitute for cola these days and it’s like heaven in a bottle. 

Trust me when I say, you won’t go wrong  gifting this to any busy working mom, and you’ll probably wanna grab another one for yourself!

Totally leak-proof, once the cap is placed properly, this is a healthy and delicious way to hydrate and refresh! 

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2. Refresher Wipes

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OK, not gonna lie… there are times I just don’t have time to do the laundry as often as I should.

(And yes, sometimes, I’ve gotta reach into that hamper and recycle a shirt that probably could use a good washing before it sees the light of day again.) 

But now, thanks to these reusable Refresher Wipes no one else will ever have to know that! Score, yay me!

These babies are an absolute lifesaver when you need to eliminate a funky odor on your clothes or even your hair (yeah, I’m looking at you, Greasy Diner smell!).

This miracle wipe is an incredible time saver for busy moms that need a quick cleanup without having to break out the heavy duty cleaning supplies or run the washer.

They come individually wrapped; are hypoallergenic and lightly scented.

I’ve tried these wipes on clothes, hair and even my dog! (But shhhhh, don’t tell my husband, he’ll think I’m nuts.) 

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3. Elastic Silicone Shoe Laces to Replace Your Shoe Strings

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OK, so we all learned how to tie our shoelaces in Kindergarten, but, really, who has time for all that tying and untying of stubborn shoelaces? 

Slips-on, baby! That’s where it’s at! And with these silicone No-lace shoelaces, you can literally turn every pair of sneakers you own into Slip-Ons. 


And there are a bunch of fun colors to fit any style. Plus they are super easy to lace in place and hold really well. Even if you beat your sneakers into a bloody pulp like I do.

Fun, reusable from shoe to shoe, and they save busy working moms a ton of time – Hey Ma! Guess what’s in your stocking?! 

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4. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

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OK, not gonna lie, I don’t know if I want to eat these things, hang them on my Christmas tree or actually dissolve them in a bathtub. 

They smell like heaven. And they actually feel too heavy to hang on the tree, so I guess we’re down to eat or bubble bath at this point. 

And even though they are organic, handmade and totally non-toxic (and probably delicious!), I will refrain from biting them.

Because even I know that the best way for a busy mom like me to unwind after a long day of trying to find my 3 year old’s missing socks and mopping up behind the dog, is to take a long, hot, relaxing bubble bath with something that looks and smells this divine. 

Do the special woman in your life (mom or not) a favor and pamper her with these organic (and gloriously moisturizing) bath bombs. 

She’ll love you for it. 

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5. Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Hair Dance

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A mom from one of the FB groups I’m a member of recently asked the moms in the group when was the last time was that they washed their hair.

LOL, I don’t even want to get into the answers! 

Seriously, though, any busy mom can relate to this! Some days something’s just gotta give – there’s too much going on.

And so, you go one more day with that greasy mop in a ponytail. What’s a girl to do?

Dry Shampoo to the rescue! 

So, if you’re reading this right now and you’re not a chick, I can definitely hear you going, “What in the world is ‘dry’ shampoo and why would anyone use it?”

Don’t worry, dry shampoo is actually a thing and it is totally legit.

Don’t ask me what’s in it, I have no idea. And don’t ask me how it does what it does, because I don’t know that either.

I just know that it has saved my tush more times than I can remember on days when I needed my hair to feel fresh and smell nice, but did not have the time to shampoo, condition, blow dry or style the mop on top of my head. 

Literally every busy mom on planet earth needs an immediate introduction to Dry Shampoo (and this one by Hair Dance is incredible!) as it will change their whole “Hair’s-in-a-ponytail-for-the-6th-day-in-a-row-cause-I-haven’t-had-time-to-wash-it” gig. 

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6. Stylish Beach Bag with Hidden Wine Compartment

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All I have to say is “Thank God this bag did not exist when my mother was raising us hellions;” she would have absolutely been a beach bag-carrying wino for sure.

And now that I’m a mom with my own hellions (little darlings that they are), well, let’s just say, this baby is likely to be my go-to “bug out bag” for when SHTF, if you know what I mean.

First off, it’s a looker! Totally classic beach babe style! And the fact that it holds (and perfectly dispenses) the equivalent of 2 entire bottles of wine! I mean, what is not to love? (Moms, I know you feel me on this.)

And even with all that glorious wine in there, there’s still enough room for other stuff (like, you know, a beach towel or snacks). 

Your mom (or wife) might not admit it, but she secretly really wants and needs this bag. (Not gonna lie, this is one of my all-time favorite gifts for busy moms!)

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7. The Clever Fox Planner

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This is quite possibly the *only* Productivity-Boosting Planner on the market that GUARANTEES to boost your productivity or your money back – no questions asked. 

That is a heckuva guarantee!

And, honestly, if they can wrangle a manic schedule like mine and figure out how to squeeze more juice out of the minutes and hours of my day, well then, I’m all in.

The CleverFox planner comes in various colors to suit any taste and not only helps organize the busy mom’s daily schedule and make her wicked productive, but also doubles as a gratitude journal.


This sounds like an awesome gift to help any hectic mom schedule, organize, prioritize and experience a boatload of gratitude throughout her day.

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8. Magnetic Cell Phone Vent Holder Kit for Car

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So, I probably should not admit this in public, but I totally have been known to fumble with my phone and do all sorts of things on it that I tell my kids they should never to do while they’re driving. 

Sound familiar?

Yeah, thought so. One of those, “Do as I say, not as I do” sort of things I’m not entirely proud of. 


My husband finally decided he could either divorce me for texting and driving or he could be reasonable and just get me one of these.

Thankfully, he’s the reasonable kind and, let me say, I absolutely love this thing.

Mounts my phone like a champ, never drops it, and helps remind me to set up my bluetooth, so I can talk on speakerphone and do “voice-to-text” if I absolutely must.

Also, having my phone mounted like this makes using Google Maps or Waze on my phone ridiculously easy to follow.

A month using this and I’m a total convert. This is now a must-have in my book for busy working moms that need to be able to see and use their phone while driving in the car.

And, seriously, y’all no more texting and driving, OK? 

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9. Robo Vac : No More sweeping!

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A vacuum with advanced AI programming? This sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi horror movie that doesn’t end well for some unfortunate housewife. 

Thankfully, that’s not the case. 

And before you say it, yes, there tons of smart vacuums out there, but, seriously this one takes the cake!

How do I know?

Because apparently, this vacuum’s “advanced AI programming” means it knows when to suck harder. 

Lord, the jokes just write themselves at this point… but, so help me, I will refrain. 

Returning to our regularly scheduled programming…

This bad boy is sleek, chic, super easy to program and to keep clean, which means one less chore for busy moms at home. 

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10. Handy Neck and Shoulder Massager

gift for mom who has everything

After this crazy Christmas season, a heated, kneading deep tissue massage of her neck and shoulders is exactly what your mom needs! 

Sit her down in her favorite easy chair, have her put her feet up, wrap this little baby around her neck, and pull a blanket over her and she’ll be in such deep heaven, she may never re-emerge. 

I actually got one of these for my mother last year and I see her use it constantly, because she suffers from cervical neck pain. She swears it helps immensely. 

Neck pain or not, your mom will love the deep relaxation and tension relief this adjustable-intensity, deep-tissue neck and shoulder massager brings.

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11. Car Seat Organizer

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Ooooooh, the OCDer in me absolutely LOVES this thing!

No more chaos in my car, no more stuff flying everywhere when I hit the brakes just a tad too hard.

This is a super sleek way to keep the inside of any car organized and clean. Me like-y!

In addition to keeping all of my bits and pieces organized, it’s also perfect for organizing my kids’ toys and snacks. 

Do Mom a favor and help her control the car chaos with this little baby.

This is everything she needs, whether she knows it yet or not. (Another one of my favorite gifts for busy moms!)

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12. Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-Out Drawer

gifts for busy moms

Where do I start? This gorgeous bamboo wood charcuterie board is awesome for so many reasons. 

The wood is so smooth and elegant, the side grooves for arranging crackers are smartly-designed and the secret compartment takes this board to a whole other level of clever!

You know how you just have ‘certain pieces’ that you always pull out when special guests arrive and you want to impress them?

Yeah, well, this is one of those. 

Help mom get her guests “ooooh-ing” and “ahhhh-ing” this holiday season and you’ll forever be known as the favorite child who makes her look good. 

Busy moms who like to entertain know what I’m talking about.

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13. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Double w/ Timer – Hamilton Beach

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Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye (McDonalds’ Drive-thru)!

Now, I love me an Egg McMuffin like the rest of them, but knowing that I can make them quicker, easier and healthier for my family and I?

And I can ‘customize’ them with whatever veggies, cheeses and meats we want?

That’s a game-changer!

This dual sandwich maker does all the work with just the push of a button!

And we get homemade Egg McMuffins in just 5 minutes! (Seriously, McDonalds, it’s not you, it’s me.)

Give Mom the healthier option and everyone in the whole household will thank you. 

And the clean up? Forget about it! A quick wipe down after it has cooled works like a charm!

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14.  Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

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I don’t know about you, but as a mom, I am constantly either washing dishes by hand, washing my little ones by hand, or washing my own hands. 

Any way you slice it, there’s a lot of water, soap, friction and my hands are always getting the raw end of the deal. 

Which means dry skin and busted cuticles. Not fun.

Last year, a friend gave me this very “hand spa” as I like to call it and I’ve re-ordered it twice now, it’s that good!

The hand creams are so deliciously hydrating and the lemon butter cuticle cream is the BEST I’ve ever experienced (please don’t tell my nail salon lady this, I don’t want her getting jealous.)

Truthfully, anything by Burt’s Bees is amazing, but busy moms tend to beat the stuffing out of their hands, and this gift set is one way to help them keep their hands soft and smooth, despite the daily rough and tumble of mom life.

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15. Key Finder

gifts for busy moms

Ha, checkmate, keys! In the eternal battle for your ever-loving location, I win!

Never gonna lose you – when I’m already 15 minutes late – again! 

This wireless key finder emits a loud noise that’ll help hectic moms find “lost” keys or anything else this bad boy is attached to (cellphones, bags (Is it unethical to attach this to my son? Because that 3-year old knows how to hide!)).

There are a few of these “finders” on the market, but I like this one because it is guaranteed to be the “loudest” on the market.

And it comes with a super long battery life and is even great with finding lost items at long distances.

Perfect for crazy busy moms who feel like they are trying to ‘herd cats’ all day long and tend to lose things in the process!

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16. GalsShopper Pink – All In 1 Shopping Organizer

gifts for busy moms

Not gonna lie. I’m not fond of the *name* of this product at all. Something about the word “gal” just skeeves me out. Same with the word “moist” – ugh! 

But the actual item itself, I adore!

Do you know how hard it is to navigate a shopping cart, deal with a toddler, hold your shopping list (or more likely your phone or tablet that your shopping list is on) in your hand AND actually grab food and put it in your cart? 

Do you know how many hands you actually need for that?

Yeah, suffice to say, it’s like a 3-person job. 

With this handy-dandy, portable, clip-on pulpit/lectern thing, you can perfectly arrange your phone or tablet, your shopping list and your coupons in one hands-free place! 

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A mom totally designed this. I guarantee it.

Your mom has no idea she needs this, but the minute she sees it, she’ll wonder how she ever shopped without it. 

No lie.

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17. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant 

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Essential oils and aromatherapy are all the rage. 

They relieve tension and stress, improve concentration, get rid of airborne pathogens, (and ‘cure cancer’ to hear my neighbor Linda tell it – here’s looking at you, girl, Young Living Oils Saleswoman of the year!)

OK, kidding about the last part, but they are pretty amazing.

And if Mom is into Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, well, I can think of no better way to enjoy and benefit from them all day long than this gorgeous diffuser pendant. 

Just 2-3 drops and Mom will not only look great, but feel less stress and anxiety for days at a time, until it’s time for another refill of the diffuser. 

It’s like “chill-out catnip” for moms in a pretty necklace. 

I can literally think of nothing better.

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And there you have it! A list of 17 perfect gifts for busy moms that have it all – curated for moms, by moms.

Each gift on this list has been reviewed with excellent feedback (4 stars or higher) and will definitely make the busy moms’ lives easier! 

Make your mom happy this Christmas (or anytime of the year) and gift her with something that is not only special, but will also help her save time, get more organized or feel amazing! 

Pro tip: share this with your dad and siblings too! And get her a gift that she will absolutely LOVE!

And, lastly, don’t forget to share this on Pinterest! Moms everywhere will thank you!


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