The holidays are all about presents, family, food and CANDY. That’s why I have gathered up the top 15 easy (and tasty!) Christmas candy recipes for you! They are super simple, but totally amazing. I’ve even included links to products and ingredients that will make bringing these Christmas candy recipes to life so much easier. So what are you waiting for? Scroll on down and find your next favorite holiday candy.

*Featured image from: Averie Cooks

christmas candy recipes


1. Easy English Toffee

Toffee’s a classic, but always a favorite!

Sweet, chewy toffee topped with chocolate and almond? Mm-mmm, you gotta hide these babies before serving, ’cause they are that good – there’s no way to eat just one!

Oh, and just look at those perfect little cubes! The use of a silicone brownie bite pan is freaking genius! No more cutting and you get the perfect little size every single time!

Brilliant! How come I’ve never thought of that before?

Grab this Christmas candy recipe here: Shugarysweets.com

Don’t have a silicone mold?

Grab the best-selling silicone mold on Amazon now!

2. Chocolate-Covered 7 Minute Microwave Caramels

Have you ever tried making caramel before? Just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

It’s one of those candies that are super hard to master, especially when you don’t have a candy thermometer at hand.

If you’re like me and you have a love-hate relationship with making caramels, then this holiday candy recipe is perfect for you.

And, oh btw, if you wanna know if it’s actually really possible to make caramels in the microwave? 

Yes, yes, you can. (Gasp!) I know!

This recipe calls for dipping the caramel in milk chocolate, but actually, I found that dipping that sweet buttery goodness in DARK chocolate elevates the taste to a whole other level.  

Grab this delicious and super-easy recipe here: Averie Cooks

And here’s a link to my: favorite dark chocolate on Amazon to amp this baby up a few notches!

3. Easy Homemade Divinity

Fluffy, light and sweet! One bite and I am just flooded with memories of my grandmother making these for family gatherings!

Using a simple egg white-meringue, divinity cookies are quick and easy to whip up (as long as it’s not a humid day).

Making a large batch and don’t want to waste any yolks in the process?

Here’s a secret: Powdered. Egg. Whites.

No breaking of eggs, no separating of yolks – less hassle, safer and whips up PERFECTLY. No one will ever know the difference!

Get this holiday candy recipe here: The Domestic Rebel

And shhhhh, grab your powdered egg whites here off Amazon, no one will ever know!

4. Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownie Bombs

Chocolate bites with a surprise center! Quite an amazing little truffle that packs a major flavor punch!

I’m actually planning 2 versions of these cherry bombs!

One batch of regular ones and the other full of boozy goodness for the adults 😉 

I can just taste the richness of the dark chocolate with the tart-sweet flavor of the cherry. YUM!

Great for both adults and children, don’t you think?

Get the full recipe at: Wine and Glue

Grab your dark chocolate candy molding melts here!

5. Ice Cube Tray Chocolates

This hack is AWESOME! Talk about easy, fast and incredibly resourceful. You just need some chocolate, your filling of choice, and ice trays for molds!

Easy peasy!

Ice trays sounds crazy, but they work perfectly well if you don’t have candy molds at hand and you want your candies looking pretty.

The end result is gorgeous. 

And did I mention these babies taste absolutely delicious?

Make sure to get the full recipe at: Freebie Finding Mom

And if you’re like me and want to make fun holiday-themed shaped candies, grab these holiday ice trays!

6. Cookie Dough Truffles

If you’re anything like me with the cookie dough, then this will be a must-have recipe for you.

Let’s face it, cookie dough is not just for baking cookies (it can also be spooned out of a bowl or sucked from a tube – don’t judge!).

This Christmas candy recipe, however, makes a wonderful cookie dough FUDGE that is creamy and delicious.

Dipped in tempered chocolate, the added crunch of the chocolate shell will leave your guests begging for more.

Get ready to make more than one batch this Christmas! These bad boys are addicting!

Get the full recipe at: Liv for Cake

And to get that professional looking chocolate shell, grab your dipping tool here! 

7. Chubby Hubby Clusters

Does that name ring a bell? Yes! It’s a flavor from Ben and Jerry’s!

An incredible combination of pretzels, fudge, peanut butter, and vanilla all coated in rich chocolate.

Decadent, simple and oh so easy to make, you can whip up a batch of these babies in no time.

The only question is how many batches should you make in advance?

Because I can tell you from experience these clusters were MADE for snacking and we can’t get enough!

Get the full recipe at: Six Sisters Stuff

And you’ll wanna pick up some Peanut Butter Baking Chips so you can make this delicious treat!

8. CopyCat Butterbeer Fudge Recipe

Inspired by the famous hogsmeade drink, this decadent treat will leave you smiling and wishing for more.

Creamy and, oh so good, these sweets are also great for gifting! I’m pretty sure these would go over real well with a Potter head or two in your family.

This butterbeer fudge is also great for those chilly fireside evenings, snuggled under a blanket with the ones you love. 

Get the recipe at: Get Away Today

And if you’re dying to try this one, don’t forget to add the rum extract

9. Salted Caramel Pretzel Fudge

This list just get better and better! This one sounds like it’s got a lot going on, and therefore, might be a bit challenging to toss together quickly, but I assure you, it’s dead easy.

Ready? If you’re running short on time, just melt the caramel in the microwave. Same goes for the chocolate, but you may also opt to temper it on a double boiler if you’ve got the extra time.

And these little delights look absolutely gorgeous when assembled. No one will have any idea you made it in just a few minutes.

This is one of those homemade candy recipes that would be great for gifts for neighbors, family and friends!

Full recipe at: Two Peas and Their Pod

And don’t forget to pick up the pretzels here!

10. Crockpot Candy

I love my crockpot so much, I’ve asked my family to bury it with me.

I mean, seriously, what other kitchen appliance can accomplish so much and make one’s life so easy?

And, you can even make candy in your crockpot! Who knew, right?!

If you’re a fan of the combo of nuts, almond bark and chocolate, then you’re in for a treat! This recipe has an abundance of each! 

Get festive with sprinkles and share this sweet and tasty Christmas candy gift with everyone on your list this Christmas!

You can pick up the recipe at: Sugar and Soul

And, if you don’t already have an Instant Pot Crock Pot, Lord, you’re missing out big time! This thing saves my life on the daily! Grab one here now!

11. Saltine Toffee Candy

In my house, we call this “crack” candy and we make it all year round! 

There really isn’t anything better than the mix of sweet and salty. Heavenly. 

Grab the recipe for this certified crowd favorite right here: Brown Eyed Baker 

It also makes a GREAT stocking stuffer in these cute little treat bags

12. Homemade Peppermint Patties

I remember being obsessed with peppermint patties while I was growing up!

The delicious dark chocolate shell cracking and giving way to the creamy, cool, pepperminty goodness underneath…mmm…

My grandmother used to keep a bag in the freezer and we’d eat them straight out of the bag.

Such fun memories!

These are nice because they aren’t too overly sweet. And the mint makes them so refreshing.

Quick and easy to make, you can customize the color with sprinkles and go with either milk or dark chocolate.

These also make a fantastic Christmas candy gift.

You can thank Butter with a side of Bread for this awesome recipe!

And if you don’t already have Wilton’s best-selling candy melts melting pot, grab one here, it’ll make making this little goodies a breeze!

13. Cinnamon Hearts Hard Candy

I LOVE this one! Homemade hard candies are a must at Christmas! And what a great stocking stuffer! Heck, I’d even make some for Valentine’s Day too!

These babies are also quite easy to make — as long as you have a Candy Thermometer.

You can customize them with different colors, shapes and even flavors!

I can just imagine the possibilities!

Get the full recipe at: It’s Always Autumn

If you’re gonna make these little sweeties, you’ll definitely want this candy mold and this candy thermometer, trust me!

14. Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles

Did someone say Raspberry, Cheesecake and Chocolate Truffles? Lord Jesus, take the wheel!

I am such a sucker for sweet, creamy, tarty, chocolatey goodness, that this one might just be the end of me. 

Add some lolipop sticks and these would be the perfect party dessert pops!

You’ll notice the recipe calls for fresh raspberries (and that’s always best), but I’m sure frozen ones would be just fine as well.

Grab this divine Christmas candy recipe at: OMG Chocolate Desserts

15. Peppermint Bark

Ahhhh, everyone’s favorite: Peppermint Bark! 

And while Ghirardelli’s version is good. Your homemade peppermint bark can give them a run for their money.


Got some extra chocolate and peppermint sticks lying around?

Would you believe me if I told you you’re already halfway there and you can whip these babies up in under an hour. Tops!

Get the step-by-step at: Tidy Mom

And you’ll wanna grab this silicone baking mat if you’re gonna attempt this one! 

 And that’s it! 15 easy (and tasty) Christmas candy recipes to get you through this Holiday season!

Sharing is Caring! Make sure to share the love on Pinterest! 


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